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미래를 끌어당기는 꿈을 키움
지속가능한 사회를 위해 미래세대와 함께 성장하다 메타버스시대, 앞으로의 리더와 인재 조건
세계가 주목하는 세대 통합과 에듀테크 나다움이 경쟁력이다
People On
미래인재에게 필요한 가장 인간다운 의지
온드림 글로벌 아카데미를 디딤돌 삼아 국제기구의 일원이 되는 꿈을 이루다 음악으로 삶을 연주하다 보면
차이를 좁히는 쉬운 글 기후 위기 시계의 초침을 늦출 파일럿 비행을 시작하다!
Scene On
현대차 정몽구 스칼러십 2021 장학증서 수여식
예술마을 프로젝트 김매자 명인전 <깊은 여름> 사회적 기업의 성장을 함께 하는 페이스메이커 꿈의 빈칸을 채워준 온드림 청사진, 고마워요
Art & Culture On
예술과 흉물 그리고 기술의 융합 배우는 기계와 읽지 못하는 인간
미래세대를 위한 글로벌 장학제도 벤치마킹 기업공익재단의 전략적 경영 삶을 가꾸는 음악과 책
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현대차 정몽구 재단 뉴스레터
Theme On
미래를 끌어당기는 꿈을 키움
지속가능한 사회를 위해 미래세대와 함께 성장하다
메타버스시대, 앞으로의 리더와 인재 조건
세계가 주목하는 세대 통합과 에듀테크
나다움이 경쟁력이다
People On
미래인재에게 필요한 가장 인간다운 의지
온드림 글로벌 아카데미를 디딤돌 삼아 국제기구의 일원이 되는 꿈을 이루다
음악으로 삶을 연주하다 보면
차이를 좁히는 쉬운 글
기후 위기 시계의 초침을 늦출 파일럿 비행을 시작하다!
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현대차 정몽구 스칼러십 2021 장학증서 수여식
예술마을 프로젝트 김매자 명인전 <깊은 여름>
사회적 기업의 성장을 함께 하는 페이스메이커
꿈의 빈칸을 채워준 온드림 청사진, 고마워요
Art & Culture On
예술과 흉물 그리고 기술의 융합
배우는 기계와 읽지 못하는 인간
미래세대를 위한 글로벌 장학제도 벤치마킹
기업공익재단의 전략적 경영
삶을 가꾸는 음악과 책
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  1. About the Foundation
  2. Business Overview
  1. Our Foundation
  2. Our Founder
  3. Letter from the Chair
  4. Introducing the Board of Trustees
  5. Organization Chart
  6. Our Founder
Vision & Goals
Everyone Is Entitled to Dreams of a Bright Future

Our arts, education, outreach, and environmental programs aim to further the good of humankind and society. Through these
efforts, we are helping future generations seed big dreams and providing minorities with the help they need, beyond simple finan-
cial assistance. To this end, we are :

1 Building and running next - generation cultural complexes and performance spaces tailored to the needs of local communities;
2 Providing outreach services for minority groups and promoting the arts;
3 Seeking to eradicate diseases and further medical and health services;
4 Helping build education and training centers and assisting other educational programs;
5 Supporting and running environmentally friendly social programs to help prevent climate change;
6 Working closely with state and regional governments on projects geared towards the above goals.

Our Programs


Working Together toward a Better World We are conducting social programs according to the following four overarching principles with a view to building a strong foundation for the well-being of humankind and social progress.

· Societal need
Developing and designing programs that evoke societal needs, expectations, and empathy
· Professional implementation
Enhancing professionalism of programs by studying the best Korean and global practices while incorporating views of experts
· Efficient management
Improving appropriateness of use of financial resources by adopting an efficient, transparent account settlement and evaluation system
· Value diffusion
Diffusing the value of sharing througha variety of communication activities

With great conviction and an unwavering can-do attitude, Mr. Chung Mong - Koo, the founder of the Hyundai Motor Chung Mong - Koo Foundation, has built a comprehensive business model for the Hyundai Motor Company, from raw materials to the finished automotive products, and established it as one of the world’s foremost corporate enterprises. In 2007, Mr. Chung followed up his professional success with the creation of our foundation, as a way of giving back to the society that had made his success possible. Most notably, he allocated 500 billion won−the largest single - donor contribution in Korean history−in August 2011 to help fund low-income students and other educational causes.
Building a sound social framework is the highest priority in Mr. Chung’s philanthropic philosophy. In our age, when the value of human resources is being felt more acutely than ever, access to quality education for everyone is a prerequisite for the betterment of our society so that each and everyone may realize his or her dreams. In Mr. Chung’s view, “It is essential to raise a ladder of hope through education, and to strengthen our society’s health for years to come.” It is our hope that future generations will, calmly and steadfastly, with faith and confidence in their visions, refuse to lose hope in the face of challenges, taking them on creatively and eventually realizing their dreams. In the service of the philanthropic principles of the founder, and with a view to doing our part for the good of humankind and society, the Hyundai Motor Chung Mong - Koo Foundation is conducting a wide range of social programs designed to help the next generation dream great dreams and to give minorities the help they need, including education services, scholarships, medical assistance, and a functioning safety net, as well as training opportunities for young social entrepreneurs and programs to promote the arts and bridge cultural gaps.

Our foundation was started in November 2007 through an endowment by Mr. Chung Mong - Koo, Chairman and CEO of the Hyundai Motor Company. It was renamed the “Hyundai Motor Chung Mong - Koo Foundation” in December 2011, and has been actively engaged in initiatives to shape future leaders, assist minorities, and promote the arts.
As it looks forward to its ten - year anniversary, our foundation has been laboring tirelessly on all the programs defined by its goals and agenda. As part of our education efforts, our OnDream School teaches primary and secondary school age students nationwide through our innovative curricula aimed at building character and developing creativity. In addition, we have recently streamlined our selection procedure and adopted the latest technology for our scholarship management system. We actively support wide - ranging medical assistance projects, and prioritize assistance for minority groups including multicultural families, North Korean refugees, and foster children.

Finally, through our initiatives in the arts, such as our scholarship program and the OnDream Ensemble, we have been helping educate and mentor future artists and bringing the public increased access to cultural opportunities.

We still have much to achieve. We will continue to strive to become a benchmark and role model for other foundations and earn the public’s respect by fulfilling the goals we have set for all our budding programs. We humbly look to your watchful guidance as we move forward to a tomorrow filled with dreams and hope.

Chair of the Hyundai Motor Chung Mong-Koo Foundation Shin Soo-Jung
  • Shin Soo-Jung Vice Minister. Ministry of Health
      and Welfare
    Assistant Minister, Office for
      Planning and Coordination
  • Kim,Yong-Hwan Vice President, Hyundai
          Motor Company
    President, Planning and
          Coordination Team,
          Hyundai Motor Company
  • Eo,Yoon-Dae President, Korea University
    Chairman, Presidential Council on
      Nation Branding

    - President, KB Financial Group
  • Sin,Soo-Jung Dean, College of Music Seoul
          National University
        - Member, The National
          Academy of Arts,
          The Republic of Korea
        - Chairman, Board of Trustees-
          Great Mountains International
          Music Festival & School
  • Son,Ji-Yol Justice, Supreme Court of Korea
    Chairperson, Republic of Korea
      National Election Commission
    - Lawyer, Law Firm Kim &Chang
  • Choi,Joon-Myung President, the Korean Economy
    Trustee, Korean Association of
Organization chart

Held the 1st Ondream Impact Academic seminar by Graduate/undergraduate student

Held the 1st Ondream School Education Forum

Opened new Website, ‘Open the Beautiful World Together’

Held the Sympathy concert for teenagers in Gimje-si, Jeollabuk-do

Signed the memorandum of understanding for invigoration of middle school Free-Semester System as well as career and personality education for teenagers in rural areas (with Ministry of Education and Korean Broadcasting System media)

Signed the memorandum of understanding on Ondream Big Book which is for the social spread of basic studies and knowledge of culture (with Korea Press Foundation and Research Institute for Social Enterprise)

Signed an agreement for a ‘traveling clinic’ for those in medically underprivileged
areas (Korea University Anam Hospital)

Signed an agreement for the tuberculosis elimination project in Ulan Bator based on cooperation between Korea and Mongolia
(Seegene Medical Foundation, Korean National Tuberculosis Association)

Held the completion ceremony for Heavenly Dream School

Signed an agreement to support the self-reliance of children requiring protection with forest therapy programs (Ministry of Health & Welfare, Korea Forest Service)

Signed an agreement for the Artist Village Initiative Project (Korea National University of Arts)

Held a concert in celebration of the foundation of OnDream Ensemble (Seoul Arts Center - IBK Chamber Hall)

Received the Minister of Education Prize at the Donation for Education Award Ceremony

Held the groundbreaking ceremony for the Heavenly Dream School

Held the opening ceremony for the traveling center for blindness prevention in Malawi, Africa

Received 2013 Korean National Sharing Grand Award

Received the Prime Minister’s citation at the Korean National Sharing Grand Award Ceremony

Launched OnDream Summer School

Launched the creativity and personality project of OnDream School clubs

Signed a joint agreement for the Blindness Prevention Program in Malawi, Africa
(Severance Hospital, KOICA)

Signed a joint agreement for the support of multicultural families (Seoul)

Began local activities for the medical project in Chennai, India

Launched the public health and medical care program for the medically underprivileged (opened Hope Medical Centers)

Signed an agreement to foster young social entrepreneurs (Ministry of Employment and Labor, Hyundai Motor Group)

Launched OnDream Children Hope Medical Support

Launched OnDream School, educational assistance programs for elementary school students in agricultural, mountain, and fishing villages

Inauguration of new Chairman Yoo Young-hak

Held the 13th Board Meeting (changed name to Hyundai Motor Chung Mong - Koo Foundation)

Began to provide educational aid for college students specializing in basic science

Began to provide educational aid for children of the victims of the Cheonan sinking

Launched art therapy for students of families victimized by the bombardment of Yeonpyeong Island

Began educational support for high school students specializing in art

Launched Culture Love Voucher

Launched Haevichi Sunny School

Began educational support for victimized families of car accidents (first half - year) Hall)

Consulting for the programs of the Foundation

Held the signboard hanging ceremony for the Haevichi Social Contribution Committee and the inaugural assembly of the Foundation

  1. Fostering the talented
  2. Social Welfare
  3. Sharing Culture

Education for Future Leaders
Education Assistance for Primary School Students in Rural Communities Our OnDream School program addresses the needs of children in rural communities with limited access to educational opportunities. The school produces socially conscious future leaders with a curriculum that prioritizes creativity and character building.

ㆍArts classes; provision of learning tools and guidance counseling;
physical education; critical - thinking lessons (during the school year)
ㆍOnDream Summer School; Da Vinci classes (beyond the regular school year)

Secondary Education Programs
With the recent emphasis on self - directed learning, today’s youths need space to build their character and reflect on their own way forward. To this end,we support peer - group activities for middle and high school age students.

These foster creativity and serve to develop social skills and potential.
ㆍSupport for creative or character - building peer - group activities
ㆍGuest lecture series; expert mentoring programs prevention projects

Merit Scholarships
Education is the engine of growth for our nation as well as the impetus for future progress. We offer assistance to students from low - income families so that they can pursue their dreams and studies regardless of their social or economic background. This is our effort to eradicate income-based educational and cultural inequality.

ㆍAcademic scholarships for: Basic science undergraduates;
independent orphans;victims of traffic accidents and their families;
North Korean refugee undergraduates
ㆍPublic service scholarships for: Children of police officers killed or injured in the line of duty;
children of firefighters killed or injured in the line of duty;
children of service personnel killed aboard the ROKS Cheonan

Domestic Medical Services
We offer comprehensive medical services, not only disease treatment for familieswithout access to health care and children in low - income households,but also psychiatric treatment, recovery, and rehabilitation.
We bring health and happiness to those afflicted with illness or economic hardship.

ㆍHealth cost assistance to young patients afflicted with childhood cancers, leukemia, and other rare or incurable diseases
ㆍItinerant clinic services to areas with little or no access to health care; fly-in treatment for citizens of developing countries
ㆍFunding and support for the Healthy Neighbor Center, which serves multicultural families and other minorities
ㆍHealth cost assistance to minorities

Overseas Medical Services
Having made the transition from a recipient of foreign aid to a donor in half a century,the Republic of Korea practices mature and responsible sharing with a view to a society for all. We reach out to all of our neighbors in all parts of the world who are afflicted with poverty and insufficient access to medical technology.

ㆍHealth cost assistance to low - income families in Chennai, India
ㆍBlindness prevention in the Republic of Malawi
ㆍEradication of tuberculosis in Mongolia

Medical Safety Net for Disaster Response
Working through a private - public partnership, we founded the first medical center in Korea devoted to disaster response, in order to address those emergency situations that are becoming more prevalent as a result of climate change and accelerated social changes. We are building a response system for domestic and overseas disasters and medical rescue by providing disaster training for medical specialists and mobilizing emergency medical rescue workers.

ㆍManagement of disaster medical training center and provision of funding for disaster - related research
ㆍMobilization of disaster - response medical rescue units
ㆍDistribution of Lifetags for medical identification

Settlement Assistance for Multicultural Families and North Korean Refugees
Those that have chosen to become members of Korean society through international marriage or defection from North Korea face great challenges in adapting to the Korean way of life. We provide the support that they need to adapt to their new linguistic and cultural environment and create a secure home for themselves in our society.

ㆍEducational support for foreign - born children of citizens
ㆍMulticultural awareness programs
ㆍSettlement assistance for North Korean refugees

Independence - Building Programs for Foster Children
Foster children must exit state care and begin to manage their own lives at the age of eighteen. We provide a three - day camp in the outdoors to help them motivate themselves and prepare them for their future lives on their own through self - reliance building and emotional stabilization.

ㆍGreat Outdoors Healing program, where foster children can build their dreams

Support for Young Social Entrepreneurs
Young social entrepreneurs are exemplary individuals who approach social issues with a new perspective and set out to make a difference without fear of failure.
We support them to give them a chance to shine and show their innovative work bringing together civic - minded values and original ideas.

ㆍH - OnDream auditions

Education for Young Artists
Timeless works of art have always been made possible by people who believe in an artist’s potential and provide unwavering support. We are building an infrastructure for young artists to give free rein to their dreams and passions.

Scholarships for arts majors from middle school through college
ㆍTravel support for participation in foreign competitions
ㆍOnDream Ensemble program

Access to Arts and Culture
All people, regardless of their means, should be able to enjoy arts and culture, be touched by them, and benefit from their therapeutic effects. We encourage the spread of artistic sensitivity and the spirit of sharing throughout society by facilitating access to artistic and cultural events
such as select plays, musicals, and concerts.

ㆍAssistance for children and youth to gain admission to select performances

Arts and Culture in the Everyday
Arts and culture enrich life and contribute to a greater sense of happiness,leisure satisfaction, self - esteem, communication skills, and creativity.We are devising and implementing a variety of programs to broaden cultural opportunities in the everyday, and to spread cultural values in society at large.

ㆍ Assistance for children and youth to gain admission to select performances


현대차 정몽구 재단 홈페이지에서의 개인정보보호
여기는 ‘현대차 정몽구 재단’ 웹사이트입니다. 현대차 정몽구 재단 홈페이지를 이용하여 주셔서 감사 드리며, 홈페이지에서의 개인정보보호방침에 대하여 설명을 드리겠습니다. 이는 현행 [공공기관의 개인정보보호에 관한법률] 및 [공공기관의 개인정보보호를 위한 기본지침]에 근거를 두고 있습니다.
자동으로 수집 저장되는 개인정보
여러분이 현대차 정몽구 재단 홈페이지를 이용할 경우 다음의 정보는 자동적으로 수집·저장됩니다.
이용자 여러분의 인터넷서버 도메인과 우리 홈페이지를 방문할 때 거친 웹사이트의 주소 이용자의 브라우져 종류 및 OS방문일시 등. 위와 같이 자동 수집·저장되는 정보는 이용자 여러분에게 보다 나은 서비스를 제공하려고 홈페이지 개선과 보완에 이용될 것입니다. 다만, 법령의 규정에 따라 이러한 정보를 제출하게 되어 있을 경우도 있다는 것을 유념하시기 바랍니다.
이메일 및 웹 서식 등을 통한 수집정도
이용자 여러분은 우편, 전화, 이메일 또는 온라인 전자서식 등을 통한 전자적 방법을 통해 의사를 표시할 수 있습니다.
이러한 방법의 선택에 있어 몇 가지 유의사항을 알려드립니다. 여러분이 홈페이지에 기재한 사항은 다른 사람들이 조회 또는 열람할 수도 있습니다.
여러분이 기재한 사항은 관련 법규에 근거하여 필요한 다른 사람과 공유될 수 있으며, 관련법령의 시행과 정책개발의 자료로도 사용될 수 있습니다. 또한, 이러한 정보는 타 부서와 공유되거나, 필요에 의하여 제공될 수도 있습니다.
안전한 홈페이지 관리를 위하여 보안에 노력을 하고 있으나, 만약의 침해사고 시 문제가 될 수 있는 민감한 정보의 기재는 피하여 주시기 바랍니다.
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